Be Attractive

Be attractive. Live attractively. Those who lead have this quality in common. They are attractive. People are drawn to them because of qualities and traits they possess and live out. Now, before you think this is a superficial post, hear me out. Being attractive to people is beyond looks. When we are in a leadership role and/or living a life following Christ, we are called to be attractive. And honestly, that is one of the goals of the life of a Christian. To be attractive and live a life people are drawn to.

Because Jesus is our example, let’s take a look at His life. He clearly lived a life that was attractive to people. Crowds gathered around Him and flocked to hear Him speak. There was something about Him people liked. He was fresh, He was real, He cared and He was genuine. These traits are part of the calling we have as Christians. Our life is supposed to emulate Christ and there is no doubt Jesus’ life was attractive and drew people to Him. What is great about Jesus’ example is that, beyond drawing people to Him and what He stood for, He drew people to God.

Jesus’ life drew people to Himself and God, and our lives are supposed to draw people to Him. Jesus didn’t live the way He did to gather a crowd, Jesus lived the way He did to provide hope and show people the way to life, and life to the fullest. There was a bigger purpose behind how He lived. First off, because it was the best way to live and because it was to show people the saving grace of God.

The question is, then, how do we live an attractive life? How can we live in a way where people want to follow us? And how can we live our lives in a way that draws people to Him? The answer is found in Scripture in the way Jesus lived. Some key traits we see in Jesus’ life are:

  • Humility
  • Service
  • Joy
  • Love

Jesus knew His identity and call from God. He knew His purpose on this earth and people took notice of His divinity and power through His miracles, knowledge and the authority He spoke with. He was confident and principled and knew what He stood for. Knowing the huge role He would have in the world, Jesus still lived humbly. Matthew 20:28, Jesus shared how He came to live among people to serve them, and not be served. He humbled Himself and took the form as an earthly man, setting aside His divinity to come and serve His children.

Going further into humility, Jesus served people and sacrificed His own desires for God’s desire. In the garden of Gethsemane He struggled knowing what He was about to endure and asking God to take this from Him. But ultimately He served all mankind by saying, “Not my will, but yours be done.” (Luke 22:42) And during His ministry, people were flocking to Him and always desiring to hear what else He had for everyone. He was giving and giving, and gave more, even when He tried to get away to rest. He served the people He loved and came to die for.

Nothing brought Jesus more joy than sharing the story of the shepherd finding the lost sheep and then relating it to the celebration in heaven when one sinner repents! Jesus’ joy was contagious and was part of everything He did in His life on this earth. Joy was part of the reason people were drawn to Jesus. He spent time dining with people and going to parties. His first miracle was performed at a party, so you have to know He enjoyed celebrations and being joyful.

Another trait He exhibited is love. Love is something we find in every single thing He did and said while on this earth. He was driven by love, He showed people love and loved the people who needed the most love. In good times and in bad, He was compelled by love and lived it out in everything He did.

How do we, then, live an attractive life? How can we live in a way where people are drawn to us? Simply put, be humble, serve people, be joyful and love everyone. In every aspect of your life, allow these traits to shine. It is easy to be around someone who is not always going on and on about themselves and how good they are. The best leaders tend to be the best servants, and there is definitely a correlation there. Joy and happiness are much more pleasant than anger and sadness, so be happy. And finally, love. Love because He first loved us. We can only love to the depth of love we have experienced from God. Seek God and learn to love as Jesus did.

When we live in this manner, people will be drawn to us, because we are attractive. And we are attractive because we are emulating the life that Christ lived on this earth. Now, the goal is to not live an attractive life only. The goal is to live an attractive life where people take notice and began to ask, “Why?”. At this point, we lead people to Jesus. He is our Savior. He is our provider and He is our sustainer. How we live out our convictions is our greatest tool to evangelism. And living a life modeled after Jesus is what is attractive to people. When people take notice and ask “Why?” is the reason we strive to live an attractive life. It is not for us, but for our neighbors and for the ones who do not yet know Christ. We are called to be the salt of the earth and a city on a hill (Matthew 5:13-16). Our lives are meant to stand out because Jesus’ life stood out to people.

The Great Commission in Matthew 28 tells us to “Go and make disciples” and the best way to make disciples is to show them Jesus. Many times in our lives when we interact with nonbelievers, we will be the only example of Jesus people will see. Represent Him well because people’s eternities are on the line. What can you now do to live like Jesus and be attractive?

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  1. Reblogged this on Invading Kingdom and commented:
    Great blog. A challenge to reflect on our lives. To take a look in the mirror and ask ourselves are we really all we could possibly be? Are we reflecting the face and love of Jesus in our lives in a way that people are drawn to us?


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