Once the church began to reopen during the COVID shut down, we began putting out more and more content for people within our church, and anyone else looking for ways to connect. I have the privilege of starting the week off with a motivation video. Each video is between 3-6 minutes and includes Scripture, a challenge and a way to put it to action! Hope you enjoy!

Motivation Monday Videos Playlist

Life of Christ:

Build Your Kingdom Here

Part 4 of the sermon series “Life of Christ” as we look at Jesus’ life and the different stages of His ministry. Today I cover the topic of the “Kingdom of God”. This is foundational to our lives as Christians because Jesus set the foundation of what it means to build His kingdom here on earth. It then becomes our responsibility to expand the kingdom! We will take a look at what “kingdom” means, why it matters to each of us as Christians and then offer a challenge on what we are doing to expand the kingdom! (Begin at 38:20)

The Abandoned Harvest:

Meet a Need

In our 4 part series on the process of evangelism and discipleship, I cover the third step of the 4 step process laid out for us in Luke 10:1-11. Below is the Biblical process shown in Luke 10. On this sermon, I teach practical steps to discovering needs of the person you are serving and I also provide passages from God’s Word to challenge, encourage and propel you into action. (Sermon begins at 45 min)

  • Find a Friend
  • Build a Relationship
  • Meet a Need
  • Preach the Gospel

Summer Blockbusters:

Grace in the Face (A Story from Les Miserables)

During our Summer Blockbuster series, we each had the opportunity to preach while using a clip or story from a movie as our illustration. I chose to share a clip from Les Miserables because there is a wonderful story of grace and redemption in it. Similar to the grace and redemption we receive in Christ Jesus. There are 2 ways to handle grace, either repel it and let shame destroy you, or accept it and live free from bondage. What will you choose?

Willing Ignorance

A sermon from our series on evangelism. At this sermon, I shared about the life of the Evangelist Philip in Acts 6 and 8 as well as our willing ignorance we live with in regards to the amount of people who have not yet heard the good news of Jesus Christ.

Missions Sunday

As the Missions Pastor at Abundant Life, I have the honor to share about the missionaries and organizations we support as a church. Here is the sermon I prepared on Missions Sunday titled: “Set… Go… Ready?”

Father’s Day

My life has been shaped by strong men of God who have stepped up in my life after my father and oldest brother passed away at a young age. I had the privilege to share on Father’s Day and thank some of those amazing men and also encourage the men to step up and be a father to those who are in need.


Forgiveness has always been near and dear to me and I believe in the power of giving forgiveness and releasing those who have hurt others.