What Fathers Do

As I have been studying and preparing for a sermon for Fathers Day, I have been in Scripture, journaling and praying as well as reading through a book called “Father Fiction” by Donald Miller. It is a tremendous read, especially for anyone who has grown up without a father in the home. Through that time of reading, studying and journaling, I compiled a list of things I picked out that we see good fathers doing. Everything on this list is an example of what God does for us, and therefore, can be done by our earthly fathers as well.

This is not in any order, nor is it a “complete list” or even a “check list”, but this is a list of what I found through my study that will provide the greatest foundation for children to raise up to be leaders. Many of the men that stepped up in my life exemplified traits and actions on this list, and for that I am incredibly grateful. This list is long, but full of great reminders on how to be a great dad, mentor and leader. We cannot devalue the role of a man in the life of a child because it shapes a human being as well as represents our Father God.

  • Fathers make children feel good about themselves
  • Fathers create an atmosphere of safety, security and encouragement
  • Fathers maintain perspective, in both good and difficult situations
  • Fathers stick around through the hard times, as well as the good times
  • Fathers create opportunity
  • Fathers stand for what and who they believe in
  • Fathers take the time to invest in children
  • Fathers provide a lifeline (help, advice and assistance)
  • Fathers are real and genuine
  • Fathers teach children how to express their emotions
  • Fathers seek out the fatherless
  • Fathers represent respectable authority
  • Fathers exude confidence
  • Fathers raise children to value and understand their importance
  • Fathers make people feel like they belong
  • Fathers follow God and live as children of God
  • Fathers provide security
  • Fathers show how to worship God
  • Fathers receive joy by making their kids joyful
  • Fathers seek out and foster intimacy
  • Fathers always have their kids’ best interest
  • Fathers give children what they need, not what they want
  • Fathers sacrifice their wants in order to provide better options for their kids
  • Fathers teach how to have a relationship with God
  • Fathers admit their faults then apologize, in order to represent the Father well
  • Fathers love through frustration
  • Fathers bridge the gap between authority and love
  • Fathers share wisdom with those following him
  • Fathers do not use manipulation, they use affirmation
  • Fathers teach children how to make wise decisions
  • Fathers teach, train and assist how to formulate and follow through with goals
  • Fathers teach how to lose well, to learn from it and then win the next time around
  • Fathers show how friends can either positively or negatively influence them
  • Fathers affirm and love well
  • Father value the importance of a spouse
  • Fathers do not compromise their character nor do they devalue themselves
  • Fathers have dreams, goals and a set direction they want for their life

Fathers are the people who show us our identity and catapult us to fulfill the wonderful purposes God has for each and every one of us. It is difficult to see the value of your life when you are basing it off of what you see and experience without a father there to help decipher and guide through life circumstances. Father God is responsible for our love and affirmation as children, and even without an earthly father, we can experience this. For those fortunate enough to have a father and/or men pour into your life, consider that as an extra gift.

Seek out a man whom you trust and value because those are the type of men that will bless you and your life. Men stepping up as fathers will guide, teach, hug, train, value and, most of all, love you. We can never outgrow the need of a father. Be of good cheer because you did not miss out!

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