God wants you whole

God wants you whole. There are beautiful and fulfilling promises Jesus has for us when we walk in wholeness. Love, joy, peace, hope, faith, provision, restoration, reconciliation to name a few.

Wholeness is a wonderful thing. Although it may be difficult to pinpoint and specifically define what wholeness looks like, you have a feeling of when you are walking in wholeness. However, if you have not had that chance to feel as if you are “whole”, it may be a fleeting, undefined feeling completely foreign to you.

There are two truths at the basis of wholeness.

  1. we have an all-powerful God, and
  2. we live in a broken, fallen world

When we allow ourselves to go on the journey to wholeness, these truths play out in different ways, but each are vital to know and understand before we can begin to progress. Each one matters deeply because we have a God who has called us into relationship with Him.

One of the main things we must always remember in our relationship, or walk, with Christ is that it is just that: a relationship. And by definition, a relationship includes two parties.

Give and take. Talking and listening. Receiving and giving.

Our relationship with Christ is a partnership with a portion of responsibility and accountability on each of us. Any friendship, marriage, familial bond requires two parties interacting and pursuing one another. Putting energy into connection. Our walk with Christ is the same, and it is simply beautiful how the Creator of the universe is calling you into relationship with Him.

Because God is a God of wholeness, completeness and fulfillment, He desires for us to be made whole. God wants you whole, and He made the way for you to receive this, through relationship with Him.

In John 10, we read about Jesus calling Himself the “Good Shepherd” and “His sheep know His voice”. John writes how those who know Jesus, know His voice. This implies an intimacy and depth of relationship and trust between the sheep and the Shepherd. And in verse 10, Jesus explains how He offers the opposite of the enemy. He offers us life, and “life abundantly.” What He is offering us is wholeness.

Attaining and walking into wholeness is what God wants for us. He wants us whole. Because when we are whole, we show the power and might of our Savior. We are called to seek and love the lost (Luke 19:10), make disciples (Matthew 28:19) and be a light to the world (Matthew 5:14-16).

On a personal note, what drives me to seek wholeness and do the work necessary is knowing it allows me to look more like Christ. Christian literally means “Christ-like”. And if we are called to be in the world and not of it (Romans 12:2), we need to make sure we are looking more like Christ than anything else we do.

I may be the only representation of Jesus someone ever witnesses; am I representing Him well?

The way I show Jesus may be the reason someone chooses to commit their lives to Christ.

Conversely, if I am operating out of lack and the fullness Christ calls me to, I may also be the reason someone chooses not to come to Christ.

This is a sobering reality. Yet, it is not meant to drag down or beat up, but to inspire us to grow in Christ and live a life of wholeness.

When we are walking in wholeness, we are at our best. When we are at our best, we show the best version of Jesus. When we are showing Jesus we are literally changing the world!

God wants us to be whole.

Wholeness is for our benefit, for His glory and for the sake of the world.

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