Save Me From the In-Between

We all know that feeling. We’ve all been in that place. The place where you feel lost, like you’re wandering, knowing there is something more but not sure how to attain it. Always asking yourself, “when am I going to get my breakthrough?”

Yeah, I’ve been there too. I call it the In-Between.

Although a necessary stage in life, it is often the place where hope gets lost. Not gone, but so far in the distance you can’t seem to find the horizon. Where you know your past is behind you and you see something much better for your future; but it’s just not here yet.

The In-Between is the character building time in your life. Everyone needs to learn patience, perseverance, commitment and diligence. Often times, knowing where you want to be and not being there yet is what develops these necessary traits in your life.

I look at a few stories in the Bible and I think of some individuals we can learn from:

  • Joseph: This young man went through difficulties to an extreme. There was something better for his life. But in order to get there, he had to struggle and work and suffer and be tempted for years before he got his breakthrough. Enduring all those things prepared himself for his future role, and it created an opportunity for restoration in his family.
  • David: As a young man, he was anointed to be the next King of Israel, but there was someone already in position and he had to wait, serve and learn to be loyal. It was years later when the promise came through for him. When you want to lead, you train those around you how to treat the person in charge by how you treat them. If you want to be a leader, treat your leaders now how you would want to be treated.
  • Jesus: Born to be the Messiah and Savior of our all. But it was not until He was 30 did He step into His calling and anointing. Prior to, He worked as a carpenter for his dad and learned. He submitted. He worked. He learned. This time prepared His body, soul, mind and spirit for the ministry He was to do.

Each of these individuals show us one thing I wish we all would come to realize, especially when you feel like you’ll never get your break:

If you can’t find joy and contentment in your life right now (the in-between), you won’t find lasting joy and contentment when you get to where you want to be.

If you cannot find joy in the process, the result will never satisfy you. The result you receive and attain does not define who you are as a person or a follower of Christ. What defines you is committing to the daily walk with Jesus. Where you want to be tomorrow may not be where God wants you to be. Our joy and contentment is found in Him alone.

Having money doesn’t make you a good or bad person; it makes you more of what you already are. Having your dream job will not mean you finally “made it”. If you are an unhappy person during the process of attaining your dream,  you will still be an unhappy person living in your dream.

We need the in-between in our lives because we all need to develop, grow and strengthen our character. If you cannot find joy when you are lacking, you will not find joy when you have everything. True and lasting joy is found only in Jesus. The in-between in our lives are meant to drive us closer to Jesus. Some are not up for the challenge and then give up, become complacent and live an ordinary life.


You were made for so much more. Anything worth doing in life will come with adversity! It will be difficult at times. But if it is worth something to you, it is worth the process!

Develop patience. Be diligent. Work hard. Remain committed. Your breakthrough could be just around the corner, are you willing to keep at it? Your legacy will depend on it!

3 thoughts on “Save Me From the In-Between

  1. This really leaped out at me, “If you cannot find joy in the process, the result will never satisfy you.” So, so true! Excellent post. May we make the most of the in-between seasons and show the world joy in all things, yes?

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    1. Thanks for your input! This was a lesson I learned in life and I remember very clearly when God spoke to me about this. Be happy with what you have and it completely changed my perspective! Thanks again.

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