Give It Your All

Something I have never understood is why people commit to do something and then not give full effort. I know there is a lot of sacrifice of time, energy and money required for most commitments to be accomplished, but why do something if you are not willing to finish and finish well. Attaining your dream and accomplishing your goals will always require effort. Doing it well is something I believe gets lost in the mix of day to day life. We all have things that make us busy and takes up our time. Oftentimes, they are mundane tasks that seem more like a chore than an opportunity. However, everything we do, no matter how small, is an opportunity to not just accomplish, but thrive and excel at whatever we put our minds to.

It is easy to “throw in the towel” or to simply finish a task. But as Christians, is that what we are called to do? Is that what we were created for? I believe with everything in my heart that mediocrity displeases God. Good is the greatest enemy of great. Why do something if you do not plan to be great? I think my drive in this area was trained, not just natural. Growing up, I chose activities, sports, events, etc. I wanted to do. My mother was great in allowing me the freedom to choose what I wanted to do. She would encourage and support me, but there was always a catch: I was not allowed to quit. I had to finish what I set out to do, regardless of how much I disliked it and how much it cost me.

A great example was when I was in high school. I auditioned for varsity show choir when I was a sophomore and made the squad. I had a great time that first year being with my friends and working doing something I was good at. The following year, things changed for me. I did all the learning, training and prep work only to find out I didn’t enjoy it anymore. I would rather have spent my time on sports and church activities. Also, I was having less fun than I did the previous year because three of my friends quit the squad halfway through the year. I told my mom my dilemma and how I wanted to quit before the season got started, because I knew it was a HUGE time commitment. My mother told me no and that I had committed to this for the year, and I would stick with it for the entire year. Of course it made me upset because, emotionally, I was checked out from show choir. I was simply accomplishing a task.

I stayed committed to the year, regardless of where my heart was and my mom pushed me to give it my full effort. Everything worth doing is worth sacrificing for. That year, I was not sacrificing for show choir. I was sacrificing my selfish desires to stay true to my word and commitment and to excel at whatever my hands were doing as opposed to doing something because I was stuck in it. I’d like to say I completed the year with the best attitude and that I had a wonderful time at all the practices, concerts, camps and competitions, but I did not. I may not have enjoyed every second, but the life lesson of working hard, finishing well and staying committed is forever engrained in me.

What if we took that same mentality to our daily tasks? What if, instead of being down about not being in the job we want, we acted like it was what our heart desired and our choices and actions reflected that? What if we took the time to invest in our family relationships instead of just getting by? How much different would our lives look if we chose to give full effort and be entirely committed to achieving the outcome? How would your relationships look? What would your GPA be? What would your team’s record be?

God did not call us to mediocrity. He does not desire complacency. Good is good. But great is God. He has prepared and positioned us for this exact time. Whose life would change by you showing your commitment and changing your attitude? Colossians 3:23 AMP: “Whatever you do, whatever your task may be, work from the soul, that is, put in your very best effort, as something done for the Lord and not for men.”When we work hard and give it our full effort, it is not to please friends, organizations or bosses, it is to please God and to honor Him with what we have been blessed with. Change your perspective, see life through God’s lense and give it your all. God will be honored and you will change lives.

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