Give Me Jesus

Today I spent some time listening to the song “Give Me Jesus” by Bethel Music. The song is simple, the lyrics are basic, but the message is powerful. Jesus is our rock and our salvation, and through Him we have the opportunity for redemption and to walk with the Holy Spirit in our daily lives. Without the work of the cross by Jesus, we would not have access to the Spirit of God. When Christ died on the cross, the veil was torn from top to bottom.

Exodus 26 sheds light on the work that was put into production of the veil. This was no “stage curtain” veil. This veil was constructed to keep the Holy of Holies safe and sacred. Containing the very Spirit of God, the veil was made to make a place Holy with the Presence of God. This veil was thick, made with the finest of products, done by the best craftsmen. This veil was over half a foot thick and included strong thread, wood, gold, leather and levels. The veil took time to construct and hundreds of men and women worked on it.

In Exodus 26, the veil being described can be tedious and, honestly, a bit boring. I remember a few months ago when I was reading though it, that is exactly what I thought, “How boring…”. But then my eyes were opened to the beauty of spending this much time on the veil and going into such depth on what it took to make. This veil was as quality and as strong as human hands could make. And it served its purpose very well. The amazing thing, though, is the moment Jesus died, what happened to this veil. This project that took large amounts of money, time and manpower, was ripped, in seconds!

The Veil was torn, from top to bottom and God’s presence was released so that EVERYONE could have access to His Spirit. Prior to the veil being torn, God’s presence was contained, but God loved us so much, His plan was to release His Spirit to His creation.

Back to this song, “Give Me Jesus”, because of His work we have a secured future. Because of Jesus, we have a hope that will not disappoint. Because of Jesus we have God’s presence and Holy Spirit to walk with daily. Thank you Jesus for your work on the cross, for conquering death and fulfilling the blood covenant for us. For forgiving my sins and for allowing me to walk in purity. Through you and empowered by Your Spirit, I can be called holy, pure and blameless. My hope is securely found and held in You.

Matthew 27:51- “At that moment, the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom”

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