This Is the Best Thing that Could’ve Happened to You

I’ve been incredibly troubled by the viewpoints of many Christians during this time, for a lot of reasons. And I am sure you could point out a few that bothers you deeply as well. In a time where dissension is running rampant and there is such a cord of divisiveness, I want to first call on for unity of the saints. Enough of the faith and fear arguments, let’s simply live our lives for Christ. Even though it is completely different, you can still live your best life right now!

This is precisely why I titled this as “This Is the Best Thing that Could’ve Happened to You”, because it certainly can be.

Jumping off my soap box now, because I truly feel I have an encouraging word to share.

In this time, I have had to learn, or relearn, many different aspects about life, and how to live it to the fullest! I have been convicted and challenged, but also encouraged and empowered and I want to share this with anyone who may stumble across this blog.

Right now, we are facing, or coming to the end, of a time of isolation, mass closures and quarantine. Yes, it has been a difficult and frustrating time. I miss seeing my church family every week. I miss developing relationships with new friends. I miss my nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, parents. I miss them all! Even though it is a difficult time, I was convicted of how I viewed this time. And because I am generous, I want you to have the same opportunity for conviction 🙂

Even though I didn’t choose this “lot in life”, I know it can be used for my benefit and development, for God’s glory and for the advancement of the Gospel.

There is a valuable lesson to be learned here, and this is what I was challenged with by the Holy Spirit.

I was caught in this thought process of what I miss most (baseball of course), or what I am going to do once things open up, etc. But I realized, I was here sitting, waiting, wishing (thanks Jack Johnson) for what could be in the future. I was completely disregarding the value of this time right now!

No matter where you fall on beliefs of Covid-19, faith or fear, masks or no masks, blah, blah, blah, we can all use this time to get back to the basics. Because it is what God is calling us to!

Think about it, everything in the world we’ve come to know and love has been removed. You may blame the government, the CDC, the Houston Astros or local authorities, but I cast the “blame” on God. (Sounds weird I know, stick with me).

God has given us this world, the beauty of it, with the pleasures that come with it for our enjoyment. Not our worship. We have reached a point where we need to shake off those things, realign our values and get back to what really matters. And what really matters is our life and relationship with Jesus!

We need to alter our thought process. We need to change our attitude. We need to live in this moment right here and right now. Our perspective needs to change!

Picture this, when is there EVER going to be another time in your life where you have this amount of free time? No weekend requirements (church included), evenings are freed up, at home all day with your family (hallelujah summer break). When will there ever be a time in your life like this again? You may see it as a hindrance and a difficult time, which I know it is for many, but let’s change our perspective because we have a chance to start fresh!

Instead of waiting for things to get back to normal, what would happen if we seized every single moment right where we are at, and cherished them? Instead of “passing the time”, let’s make the most of this time.

No longer is, “I’m too busy” an excuse. We fill our days up with stuff, activities, events, and finish the day exhausted and giving God, possibly our family too, the scraps of what is left. What kind of life is that? I know it is not life and life abundantly Jesus promised us! (John 10:10)

I firmly believe this time of quarantine and shut down is THE ABSOLUTE BEST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN TO US! See what big letters I write with. I believe it, you may disagree or argue against, that’s fine.

Yes, this time has been tough for many, but God is using this time to bring His children back to Him. A forced Sabbath if you will.

I think we have forgotten the art, practice and value of Sabbath. It is a pretty important concept. God created for 6 days, and then stopped, rested and sat in awe of His creation (Genesis 2:1-3). Sabbath also made it into the 10 Commandments (Exodus 20, Deuteronomy 5). It is a big deal. And when we look ahead to what we are going to do when things “get back to normal”, we rob ourselves of this time of Sabbath. Of slowing down our life, taking stock of what really matters and growing closer to God.

You will never have the opportunity you have right now to stop and slow down, to not have an agenda or a to do list, and to simply BE.

I want to encourage you with a few questions to think about. Get a journal out, take 30 minutes in your favorite chair and think these through, talk to God and write them out.

What are you doing to make this the best time of your life?

How are you making the most out of this season?

In what ways are you, or can you, open yourself up to what God may be wanting to speak to and over you?

It would just break my heart to hear people get out of this season, go back to the grind and then say, “I wish I could go back to the time and freedom I had while in quarantine.” There may never be an opportunity like this again for you to get so close to God, to start over, have minimal distractions, set a new routine and change the direction of your life.

The reset button has been pushed. There is still time, how are you going to make the most of this season? God’s calling you in.

All worldly distractions have been taken away, will we now take the time to be with Him? To worship Him? To sit in silence? To pray unselfish prayers? To read, study and absorb His Word? To deepen our relationship with Jesus? With our kids, and our spouse?

I challenge you, stop wishing this season would be over! And take advantage of this time! Instead of being mad, sad and frustrated with what you feel has been taken from you, realize what you have been given to you! One of the most precious gifts: Time.

Stop, look around and appreciate what God has done for you. Because your breakthrough may start because of this season in your life and how you handle it!

There are a couple books I have read during this time I would encourage you to read as well.

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